Marisa Papen; artist, activist, naturalist.

In todayʼs artistic and intellectual environment of hypersensitive political correctness, It seems impossible to use the nude human body as a voice but Marisa found her way. She turns this cultural complexity into simplicity.

She calls her skin her superhero suit.

Marisa started expressing herself in front of the camera in 2015, since then Marisa has been pushing boundaries, as much as societyʼs as her own.
She uses our culture and our weak spot for beauty as a tool in a fight to restore the imbalances upon this earth. She challenges the mind and raises questions all over the world by emerging her body in the most controversial environments or on the opposite, the most natural wonders on this planet.

Even though she shook up the world when she shared the image of herself lounging, in a pure state of ease in front of the Western Wall, her main perspective is to inspire people with ideas and visions on a political, spiritual and philosophical level.

Marisa has an undying love for the earth and thatʼs where her ferocious spirit finds the power to speak up for those without a voice, animals and humans alike. Willing to put both body and mind at risk for this goal. She aims to create a lasting impact by showing the undeniable beauty of this planet.



"I used to fight against. 

I used to enter the battlefield with everything I own, my body and my soul.

Charging myself with so much energy but having no clue where I would go.

Impulsive, immersive. Delving myself into this negative spiral was never going to bring any answers or solutions. 

Today I still do not know how the mess we caused could be solved.

But I have realized the way forward means fighting for instead of against,
directing all my energy to the universe of positiveness.

A direction that would serve all beings and organisms existing on this Earth.


How am I fighting ‘for’ this exactly?

I try to push boundaries, as much as society’s as my own.

I try to challenge the mind and raise questions.

I hope to inspire people.

Communicate ideas and visions on a political, spiritual and philosophical level. 

I hope I’m not hurting anyone and if I do, I apologize. 

But also, ask yourself, why does this hurt you?

Why does this trigger you?

Why does a nude body conflict with your views on right or wrong?

People ask me: why nude?

I ask them: why not?"