Marisa Papen; artist, activist, naturalist.

In todayʼs artistic and intellectual environment of hypersensitive political correctness, it seems impossible to use the nude human body as a voice but Marisa found her way. She turns cultural complexity into simplicity. She calls her skin her superhero suit.

Marisa started expressing herself in front of the camera in 2015, since then she has been pushing boundaries, as much as societyʼs as her own. She uses our culture and our weak spot for beauty as a tool in a fight to restore the imbalances upon this earth. She challenges the mind and raises questions by emerging her body in the most controversial environments or vis-a-vis the most natural wonders of this planet.

Even though she shook up the world when she shared a photograph of herself lounging, in a pure state of ease in front of the Western Wall, her main perspective is to inspire people with ideas and visions on a political, spiritual and philosophical level.

Marisa has an eternal love for life. Her ferocious spirit is willing to put both body and mind at risk to speak up for those without a voice, animals and humans alike. 

In 2020 Marisa founded her own non profit called Earth Family (

Earth Family generates in-house art and activism projects. They use art as a bridge to communicate unity, to open minds, to naturalize human skin and to cultivate a deep relationship with Earth.

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"I was 22 when I first undressed in front of a camera. I remember this incredible wave of freedom and expressiveness filling up my entire being. I entered a meditative state (even though I had no clue what that meant at the time) while posing.

I witnessed my body move in ways it had never moved before. I witnessed my mind peaceful and present. I witnessed my heart wide open. I awoke something inside of me that day. I awoke my spirit. Today, 7 years later, I still use that moment to center into my calling.

Since that day, my work is often seen as controversial. Personally, I see a human body taking a stand for equality and freedom. My intention is to open a space for raw conversation where we zoom out on strongly held beliefs and where we zoom in on the core of our beings.


I’m genuinely not trying to hurt anyone with the stands I take.

If my work does hurt you, I apologize. 

But also, ask yourself...

Why does this hurt you?

Why does this trigger you?

Why does a naked human body conflict with your views on right or wrong?"