South Africa, 

A country of great beauty, wealth, diversity and pride but also a country riddled with poverty, social division, corruption, crime, massive infrastructure problems and growing antagonism amongst its many communities.

A country that celebrates 25 years of democracy. 

A lot was achieved during those years, but a lot has been side-tracked as well...

Resulting into a mass disillusion across all social classes.

Instead of converging the people in the rainbow country, people actually continued to live APART and HIDE behind the high walls, rules and systems...

A country where numerous people - mostly in black communities - remain in poverty, uneducated and jobless and where a lot of competent and skillful

people are let down with the direction the government is taking; Promoting hatred, raising fear about the future, about their safety and their jobs. This fear and hatred are creating an environment where people are being isolated (behind tall walls with barbed wire and security systems) and live in constant caution.

And on the other side, people living in poverty are getting isolated from the potential of being helped. And because they are not being helped, acts of violence and crime arise... Obviously it doesnʼt help if a wealth/social gap that big is just a quick gaze across the road away...

How do we break down those walls?

I believe most progress can be achieved through education, focusing on the weakest link in the society, creating a secure environment where people can work on a better future, together. The entire country has to recognize that underground APARTHEID and discrimination working in ALL directions is still alive today. 


The government should provide extra help for the people who were disadvantaged in form of education, incentives and tax breaks. Thereʼs no justification, if you say “Well they should get a job or start their own business!". I ask you how? How can they when the business markets arenʼt incentivized to give a chance to people with low education, skills and no capital. How can one simply break through in any market when the politicians in power are using that power to offer favors for kickbacks instead of building a robust economy that provides enough opportunities for everyone to live a good life. And equally the government needs to ensure that the rule of law is enforced so people have confidence to develop the country and bring up their families – otherwise the competent and honest people will emigrate – as so many have done already. 

A reformation is required by all the people in the country. Itʼs time to stop hiding, time for all work together and turn SA into a better place than it is today...

"Some people will probably frown, because a person of white privilege is posting these words on her website."

So I just wanted to say:

Iʼm very well aware that it was a huge privilege to be brought up in the country that walked further in terms of development, equality, education, material wealth and infrastructure. That it is the work of the generations of people before me in my nation that allows me access to fresh running water, the right to have breakfast, lunch and dinner every single day, a soft blanket at night...

It is my privilege to ask myself these questions and not having to worry about any of these things above. But I feel it is also my duty. So Iʼm allowing myself to ask a few final questions today: What can occur when we accept each man and women as family?

One not born of names, of titles, races or positions?

Simply born being human?