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I founded my own non-profit which I named after our unity; Earth Family. A vision for equality. A platform to open minds and hearts with art as a bridge. To free all beings, to stretch our circle of compassion, to re-establish our deep relationship with the Earth, to normalize the body and to see our skin as a sacred container for our spiritual bodies.

A Calendar concept that aims for a healthy future for our planet. Topics vary from plastic in the ocean to the disappearance of wildlife on the African Savannahʼs. Each year the profit goes out to an organization that is active in the field of inspiration.

Apartheid ended 30 years ago but still feels so alive today. A lot was achieved during those years, but a lot has been side-tracked as well... resulting into a mass disillusion across all social classes. Instead of converging the people in the rainbow country, people actually continued to live APART and HIDE behind the high walls, rules and systems... Marisa takes a deep dive within the 2 major social structures and explores and lives their life for a day.

Since the birth of the mainstream religions, believing has played a major role in society. How has this shaped our ideas and culture? What does this mean for the skin our body is covered in? How do we live this life if the only thing we’re concerned about is the here-after? Has Religion brought humanity together or actually drove us apart? And what happened to Mother Earth during all of this praying and praising?



Playboy was a pioneer in breaking boundaries and stigmas about the body in the 20th century. Marisa has been featured in 15 issues, of which 7 covers since 2016.

Marisa: “Before achieving change there has to be a conversation sparked, every goal scored has a lead up. So as for freeing the body, I think Playboy played a key role in this process, that almost 70 years later is still ongoing.”

'An internal and ethereal  journey witnessed, reflected and captured by the eyes of Esteban Wautier. Natura Pudica is both a utopian future as well as a return to the source.'