'An internal and ethereal journey witnessed, reflected and captured by the eyes of Esteban Wautier.  Natura Pudica is both a utopian future as well as a return to the source.'

Clouds of noise and grief are clogging ears,

And blinded are the eyes by superficialities.

Even though she tirelessly whispers her mysteries, 

Like a breeze of fluid beauty and grace,

As the sound of her waves simply pave the way,

seeking to stream through spirit and soul.


With a forced hand she comes in like the tide,

Silent and wild, sweeping everything she deems unjustified.

Smothered with visions from a poisonous past,

She opens the sacramental sea that gates to the Sun, 

slowly showing,

That the way of light, is the way within.


And even though, from far away, within may seem to be without.

It is only without you can enter the within.


My ending is my beginning.


While her heart overflows with the nectar of renewal,

Cosmic consciousness colors the sky.

Camouflaged as a gentle breeze,  the fragrance of freedom fills up her lungs and dances along her very feet.


Feeling hugged by the universe,

Her body bathes in the essence of love,

Like an unborn child in the womb of a Mother,

Nurtured and embraced in a universe of its own.

She is

The universe within the universe.