On basically all social media platforms; Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Vimeo & even wikipedia ...

Goodbye @marisapapen


In early August 2016, a controversial case involving the social networking site Instagram emerged when Marisa’s popular Instagram account was banned from the online platform. Papen’s unapologetically free-spirited photographs were deemed too provocative, despite her creative efforts to avoid breaking Instagram’s Terms of Use, by covering her nipples and other body parts judged to be “too explicit”. A few times the idea of opening a new account popped up but she refused to play the game to stay in the game. "It goes against my core values to scratch on top of my innocent nipples", Marisa says. She believes that censoring the human body could be dangerous for the human race, even though we are creatures of culture, by seeing the body as something purely sexual, we de-naturalize the body and we separate us from the natural world around us. She does understand that the vulgarization of the human body doesn’t belong on an open platform as Instagram or Facebook. But if we continue to ban nudity on social media, the link with nudity and vulgarity will become a new reality.


Since Marisa is blocked from Instagram, Youtube, Vimeo, Wikipedia, Tumblr, Twitter and Facebook, the only way to ‘follow’ her today is through this webpage or her personal Patreon account. Patreon has been a base of support that gives Marisa the freedom to awaken and initiate her own projects and visions.

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"I was born naked, I live naked, and I plan on dying naked.


I have used my body in the in the fight to keep plastic out of the oceans, for wildlife conservation in Africa, and against the atrocities of religion.  Recently I founded my own non-profit called Earth Family


Here on Patreon you’ll get a closer look within my life, I share poems I write, thoughts that keep me busy, projects I’m working on and images I create. For the higher tiers there’s Monthly Newsletters, Group Zoom Calls and Signed Posters.


I have been blocked and banned from every social media platform. Patreon is my main source of income and allows me to develop my personal projects. This page isn’t about showing myself off, its about connecting, opening minds and addressing issues that affect our lives. 


Thank you so much for your love & support.


Marisa, Artist, Activist, Naturalist."